The 1st Miles For Smiles Walk, featuring Yvonne Goss, Be the Voice

With the help of a very talented dear friend, Gerry Carew, we decided to create a video commemorating the first Miles for Smiles.  Along with the production of this video came the challenge of finding the perfect song to accompany.

Bev’s step-daughter, Sarah, decided she wanted to help. She quickly found ‘Be a Voice” by singer/songwriter Yvonne Goss from North Carolina. Yvonne, a victim of childhood abuse, wrote and recorded this heartwarming song to encourage us to be the voice that cuts through the darkness and spreads light on the victims that fall prey to abuse. In an email to Bev, Yvonne expressed gratitude to her for choosing her song and being that voice.

Listen to the video and let her inspirational words move you.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

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